With over 10 years experience in digital marketing, our team is delighted to begin offering a publishing service to solo designers and small companies.

How we can help:

All aspects of digital marketing including:

Website design & build

Brand development

Digital strategy

Digital advertising such as PPC, SEO, AdWords etc

Community management & social media

Furthermore, we have extensive experience in ecommerce and can set-up an effective digital distribution system for your game.

What we are looking for:

There are two routes to publishing with Merchant Prince Digital. Either:

1) You are developing a game and need help marketing and distributing it.


2) You are a writer with a fantastic short story (max 15 minutes to read) and would like to see it made into a small game.

We are also interested in physical games such as The Detective Society.


We do not accept game “ideas”.

Please do not submit game ideas to us, we will not read them. You must either have a game already being developed (see point 1 above) or an excellent short story (max 15 minute read) which we can convert into a small game (see point 2 above).

Please send expressions of interest to

Small scope games, particularly those made with the RPG Maker engine are desirable.