About Us

Merchant Prince Digital

Hi, my name is Dan Wiseman and welcome to my games company.

I have been making games for over 20 years now, since I was very young. When I first discovered RPG Maker 2000, I was amazed with the possibilities that lay before me and I quickly got started on making a (terrible) epic adventure... It was a sequel fan game for Final Fantasy VII (oh dear!).

My love affair with game making is now just as strong as it ever was - reaching beyond video games to playtesting board games with friends, launching our own physical puzzle game, and starting this publishing and concept design business.

I love strategy games, simulations, tycoons and RPG's. I started a blog covering these passions called The Sandbox Games Databasewhich whilst no longer operational provides lots of historical data.

Merchant Prince Digital primarily focuses on these genres - games where you can build an empire, explore huge worlds, make a fortune or 100% customise your character to your liking.

Thanks for taking the time to explore my website and my games.

Dan Wiseman