Project Gangster

Project Status: Concept Only
Dates in Development: 2019
Engine: RPG Maker MV

Introducing our RPG game concept, codenamed Project Gangster.

It is a 2D retro-styled top-down economic role-playing game set in a futuristic crime-filled universe.

The game is inspired by classic tycoon games, RPG’s and sims like Gangsters: Organised Crime, the Patrician series and Pokemon. It has influences from Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon.


Planned Features:

Build a criminal empire spanning multiple villages, towns and cities.

A complex economic sim: invest in legal and illegal businesses. Balance your income to ensure you are not raided by the “Feds”.

Use your wealth to hire more gang members and fight off the other gangs in classically-styled turn-based battles.

Start your adventure, build your mob’s strength, explore the land and become a ruthless criminal mogul!

Concept Art

(Artwork copyright 2020 & all rights reserved)