Merchant Legends

Project Status: COMING SOON
Dates in Development: 2018-Present Day

Engine: RPG Maker MV

Merchant Legends is a 2D retro-styled top-down economic role-playing game set in a medieval fantasy world.

The game is inspired by classic role playing games like Zelda: Links Awakening, early Pokemon adventures and economic & trading sims like Settlers, the X series and Transport Tycoon.

Planned Features:

Choose your own path in an open world: will you avenge your father in the arena, become a business mogul or defend the people from pirate tyranny?

A complex economic sim: invest in multiple businesses to gather, mine, craft and sell tons of items

Use your wealth to craft weapons, tools and artefacts, allowing you to defeat your enemies in classically-styled turn-based battles

Start your trading adventure, build your strength, explore the land and become a merchant legend!

Concept Art

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